Wednesday, December 10, 2014

More Purple & Gold...

My second post for today. If you are looking for the Year-End Clearance links, click here.

Does this look familiar?

Yesterday, I mentioned my purple and gold inspiration and that I wanted to use up all the paper I had been using. Well, I ended up using more than I thought, because I also want to make the same card I had made not too long ago, in a more rustic version, but this time I wanted to try it in the Blackberry Bliss purple and gold. Remember this card?

What would this card look like in the royal colours of purple and gold? You've already seen the front of the card at the top, and here is what it looks like inside.

Same card, but totally different look and feel.

Have you ever made the same card with different papers and techniques? Which did you end up preferring?

Here is a look at the product used for the making of this card.

So, there you have the card for today. Tomorrow I will be sharing something that has two choices. One you can purchase, or one you can make for yourself. Both are a great tool to have to help make your creative process a little easier.

Thank you for stopping by again today. Remember to take advantage of the Year-End Clearance sale!

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Tigriswillreign said...

I really love these cards you've been making. Would you consider creating a tutorial?