Sunday, December 7, 2014

Card in a Pizza Box & A Reminder

 Whenever my pain meds are working well, I take a few minutes to work on something. My inspiration for the project I'm showing you today comes from the paper cone wreaths that have been popular for the last couple of years.

I know, you're thinking that you just see a box. I was about to throw away some paper scraps when I noticed that some of them were square. Suddenly the thought of a mini paper cone wreath came to mind. So I created a 5 1/2" square card with a mini paper cone wreath from those scraps.

Because it is too thick for an envelope, I thought a mini pizza box would be fun to put the card into.

I hate for the white paper core to show when I create something, and you can see here how I forgot to take care of that. I blame the meds that make me a little loopy. Though I did do it on the gold foil cardstock.

So you can see how thick the card is with the mini paper cones. Half an inch thick as a matter of fact.

Right now I can't sit very long to type out the measurements of the mini pizza box for you, but if you are interested, leave a comment that you want them, and I will add it in later when I'm up to it.

Below are the products used in the making of this card and mini pizza box. Oh, I made a mistake entering the size of circle punch - it should be the 2" circle punch.

Built for Free Using: My Stampin Blog

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Thank you for stopping by today to have a look at my Card in a Mini Pizza Box!