Saturday, January 28, 2017

You Choose - Vintage? Or Masculine? - Seashore Stampers Blog Hop

Welcome from Mi Ran's blog!

Our Favorite 2017 Occasions Stamp or a Valentine project is the theme for this month's Seashore Stampers Blog Hop! Not everyone around here makes Valentines, so not everyone purchased a Valentine themed product.

I tried to go for a certain look, but when completed, questioned it. In the end I decided it was more of a 'Pioneer' look. A card that a girl might give her 'beau' back then, with just a peek of petticoat showing, lol.

You can see in the photo below that I stamped the background with a couple of the smaller stamps in the set.

Here is the side view...

...and the inside of the card.

So did you decide what genre this card might be? Hope that it has given you some inspiration. And have you checked out the creations of the rest of our group? Be sure to leave a comment about their creations. The previous blog was Mi Ran, and after me, you go back to the beginning with Adrienne!

Mi Ran
Sabrina - that's me...

Thank you for stopping by and hopping from blog to blog. We love to share ideas with you.

Happy stamping till the end of February for the next Hop!


Mi Ran Bigirgg said...

Great card! bring on the gender friendly cards!

Victoria Paper Shaper said...

Adorable card! I'm having so much fun with this set. :)

Erica Edney said...

Lovely card Sabrina. I love the vintage look.