Wednesday, January 25, 2017

"Beautiful You" Card #1

OK, with two blogs to keep up with two different teaching situations, and trying to create the projects in advance for advertising and sign up time, I'm very busy and already falling a little behind in getting my posts out regularly.

You are probably getting an overload of the 'Beautiful You' stamp set from me. If you are, there will be other postings coming soon, but I am posting these because I recently posted about the class, and I'm not tired of them yet, lol.

This is the first card of the class, and is one that I cased from Juana Ambida. Thank you, Juana, everyone loves your card!

For the inside of the card, I just sponged the same colours as I did on the front.

Looking forward to teaching everyone in class how to use the new Watercolour Pencils! See you there!

Happy Stamping!

1 comment:

marina41 said...

Très belle carte, le personnage est bien mis en valeur