Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Definitely Dahlia - Wisteria Wonder

This post, and those over the next week, are scheduled posts as I will be leaving Wednesday for my youngest daughter's wedding in Boise, ID. She is a talented and caring person. She is a wonderful artist, generous in many ways, a hard worker, and  cares about others. She has been a model, loves to mountain climb (which she started to do to overcome her fear of heights), loves horseback riding, and works as a welder while also being in charge of the safety where she works. I get to see her soon and I'm excited.

While I am away it will be harder to take care or questions or concerns, but I will do my best to help you upon my return. If you need to order anything, please use my online store at your convenience. If you have an account already set up there you will be familiar on how to go about it. If it is your first time you can create an account (top left of the site) or just order from the list that links to catagories, or just enter the codes from the catalogue in the space provided (search the store). If you do the latter, please be sure to mark me as your demonstrator, and to allow me to contact you. (See details as to why this helps us both here). Thank you so much.

A while back I posted some cards made using the "Definitely Dahlia" stamp. I created several cards as a set using the same technique with different colours. (Click here to see the post), I also create one or two other cards that will be seen later.

Today I am showing you another card created with this same stamp, to be joined up with some past Dahlia creations that will be part of a 'Dahlia' class this summer.

As you can see I combined Wisteria Wonder with a bit of Early Espresso. Using a portion of the Dahlia stamp, and off stamping first, I created a bit of a background stamp on the Wisteria Wonder. In class I will show you how to do this with such a large stamp.

You can see that the only thing popped up is the smaller white on Espresso piece making this an easy card to create, assemble, and mail in an envelope.

Inside corners are off stamped first, giving the corners a soft faded look that will be easier to write over is needed.

Using a large stamp like this doesn't limit use for back ground purposes, or for the feature of the card.

See you tomorrow with another Dahlia card where the stamp is used in the background.

Happy Stamping!

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