Sunday, February 12, 2017

Flying Bumble Bees

Yesterday, a customer and friend, got together with some of her sisters to have a fun card making class party, and this is one of the cards that we made.

She specifically asked to make a card like this based on a card class from about four years ago. (see here, here, and here ) I haven't seen a bumble bee in years, and they are so cute looking compared to the other bees we more commonly see. Any way, an avid gardener would love this card, and two of the ladies that were there, are just that. They loved it! It is always fun to shake the card and see the bees move around.

As you can see in the photo above, and the one below, the bees are attached to strips of window sheets.

A couple of close ups...

Because this was not a regular class, I felt we could play a bit more and I ended up using four different stamp sets to create the is card. (Dragonfly Dreams, Butterfly Basics, Avant-Garden, and Picture Perfect) There was a fair bit of fussy cutting, but as I always say, 'it was worth the effort.'

This is an A7 card (5" x 7"), and the instructions on how to cut and fold this card base are found on the third 'here' click above, or here.

We had a lovely time yesterday creating four detailed cards that took about 5 , 5 1/2 hours to complete. A great way to get together with your sisters and have fun. Or, other family members, and friends too.

Thank you for stopping by today to have a peek.

Happy stamping!

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