Friday, April 29, 2016

Your Online Orders & My Thank Yous

HEADS UP:  I would just LOVE to send a thank you to you when you place an online order... but the
contact default is set at  "no contact" and often left at that setting, thinking you are just opting out of spam. The truth is that little checkbox means I cannot see your name and address.
The No Contact button means I cannot provide customer service, or even express my gratitude to you for your order. I can't stress enough how bad that makes me feel! To know that you think I'm ungrateful or ignoring you just KILLS me.
So, two things... Number one, if you really don't want a Thank You or any customer service, please let me know! If you want me to send you a Thank You, get you a new catalog, and answer any questions you might have, follow the instructions in the snip below. If you've ever ordered online and wondered why it wasn't even acknowledged by me, your demonstrator, --please take a moment to go into your online Stampin' Up account and change that setting. I will be SO happy to know who to thank and to be able to assist you will GREAT customer service.

Thank  you so much for making that change on your Stampin' Up Account. I look forward to being able to thank you for your Online orders and help you with any questions you may have.

Happy Online Shopping!

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